Why I Didn't Watch Remp-it and Bohsia

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I have a confession. Durign my secondary school days I have read pornography novels or literatures. I didn’t bought those, and I don’t remember whose it was, but I definitely have read them. In fact, I was caned once when somebody intruded my locker and took a friend’s porn comic that I was holding.
But this post is not about that. Well, I haven’t read such literature for ages. Those days are gone.
It’s just, recently a friend asked me why I didn’t go and watch Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam.
I love to watch movies, but at times I’m a bit choosy. It doesn’t matter if it’s local or foreign. I try not to exit the cinema hall feeling stupified. That’s why I try not to watch Prof Razak Mohaideen‘s films. I can’t accept his storytelling. To me, it’s cliched and cheap.
But Bohsia, and Remp-it is not Prof‘s. And I still cannot stomach those. Why? Because to me, they’re similar to the porn novels that I told you about. Not because these films have sexual acts, but to me, these films are showing lewd and negative scenes but hiding behid a “message”. The same goes to the porn novels i read before (I’m not sure about now, but I think they are still being sold).
To those never reading these kind of novels, let me explain. Either the novel is a compilation of stories or just one, mostly follows the same storyline. It starts with introducing the main character, for example a naive kampung girl who’s in lust. Next, the story will explain how s/he met the second main character (a porn story must at least have 2 character, right? Never come across one with only 1 character). Then briefly the journey of these character is told up to the point they’re having sex. 
This is the main point of the story. It can take up to 90% of the thickness of the book. Some goes on and explains the actions in detail, while some gives just enough hints for the reader to start imagining.
Then, the story goes on to say that the main character regrets, either by him/herself or after something happened. But sometimes, there’s a sequel, but in similar format.
If you have watched Remp-it and Bohsia (I have more or less watched Remp-it, but not Bohsia yet), please tell me if the formula above is used? A noticed in Remp-it the porn novel formula is used. It is said to tell us a message, that anyone in the illegal racing world will pay. But think about this. Which part of the movie gives an impact? When the hero dies in the end (sorry, spoiler) or when he was racing?
Maybe someone out there is saying that I’m a bit biased. That I’m only targeting local films, but ignoring foreign ones. In my defense to me foreign movies are more truthful, in this case. They don’t have the need to fulfill any ethics obligations as much as ours, so that even if a negative movie have a moral-of-the-story, it’ll not be used as a reason to get a G (General) or PR (Parental Guidance) rating. In fact, some even strive to achieve the R (Restricted) rating to pull in the adult crowd.
If the bloodlessly boring Wolverine can get a PG13 rating, while Remp-it which is the hero of the mat rempits can get a U rating, maybe solely because of the ‘message’ that they want to convey? And now, Bohsia seems to use similar strategy (although it’s rated 18PL). It’s true this genre draws more crowd, maybe because (as told to me by my friends who watched it in the cinema) the crowd is mainly those who are close to the subject. If you don’t believe me, ask the cinemas to prepare a place to put helmets outside the cinema halls, and see for yourself how many mat motors (maybe even bohsias and mat rempits) are there.


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  1. i da tgk bohsia…hahahaha~ cube teka why am i laughing like dat? ;p

    eh, neway soundtrack die best gak dol..james baum…ooh~ ;p

  2. Ara : u dah tgk bohsia yang real?u tgk bohsia tengah tengok filem Bohsia?u tengok bootleg punya bohsia?


  3. tgk muvi Bohsia arahan syamsul yusup sore polis tula…kt cinema lg tau.,…jgn men2…hehe… ;p

    well actually, mase tu xde cite len yg menarik sgt..ade pun, lewat gile…so….~

    neway, i glak sbb i pk blk the fact yg i tgk bohsia…haha~