Raya Went in a Blur

I meant the title literally. Ramadhan was happening, with record breaking of breaking fast cum reunion sessions. with most of my cliques inviting me to break fast or vice versa.

Ex-KYPM Bangi Matriculation

I think it’s a trend thingy. Last year I got several open house invitations, but not this year. This year, it’s the break fast’s turn


And this year, is also my year of food hunting. didn’t as far as some would. But as soon as i heard about some nice dishes available, I’d at least make an effort to find it.

Ex-MBS (SRK Methodist) Port Klang

Raya this year is the first Raya since I’ve started to work that I took a long holiday. I guess many did too, since the placement of the Raya holidays allows a 4 paid leave to be a 10 days holiday.

We took the long holiday to go up north and met somebody‘s family. This was on the second Raya. then we head down south. We’re supposed to make a stop at Melaka, but due to some miscommunication we head straight to Johor. I only returned to Klang on the 6th Raya.

Meet The Parents

I know this is boring but I’m bored too right now, so I’ll leave you all with this customary post-Raya post. chalo!


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