I'm ashamed of (so-called) Malaysians.

This is a post from a Thai. She was telling the world what happened during her most recent visit to malaysia. Click here for the direct link

I hATe mAlaysia!!

Posted: 28 Nov 2005 1:39 pm


I and my hubby drove from singapore to Johor bahru last weekend..
it was a nightmare..
we drove into the booth..
the guy at immigration tried to be funny..
he didn’t give me a chop on my passport for whatever reason which was very unreasonable..
because we were in our car.. and there was no queue at the back.. so he got a chance to delay the conversation..
he threatened to bring us into his office..
we didn’t follow because we wasn’t sure about our safety.. who knows.. they may strip off our clothes and put drugs in our car like what happened to chinese girl on singapore newspaper..
at the end, we understand why he didn’t let us go.
all he wanted was money!!
first my hubby had only small change in RM..
he wasn’t satisfied and refused to let us go..
in the end, we lost about RM50+ before the bloody faggot let us pass.. two woman officers in the same booth just stood there.. saw us going through trouble and never tried to help us..

i know there are some readers from malaysia here
i feel so sorry and ashamed of ur country..
i don’t blame you all.. there are good and bad people everywhere..
just one bad guy can change my impression of Malaysia to such an uncivilised place..

finally we reached Johor bahru..
and we felt that this is such an ugly place to be in..
we didn’t buy anything from there.. just ate dinner and drove back home..

i used to love Malaysia.. i loved Genting.. and I used to think people there are nice and friendly.. but now that image doesn’t exist anymore..
i remember the advertisement on TV : “malaysia.. truely asia”
i feel so embarrassed that my country is also in Asia.. and it is just above this country!!

My hubby already paid for package to Sibu island next month..
we don’t feel like going anymore.. i can’t imagine myself staying in the place where they bully tourists.. and it is 3 days 2 nights package.. such a long holiday to me..

i don’t know what to do next month if it happends again.. if malaysian immigration staff refuses to let me pass .. and if i don’t give them money.. and if i stand out to protect my right.. what will happen to me..
i wonder what happened to a big number of tourists who disappeared in malaysia last year.. (mostly singaporeans)
they maybe the one who stood out and fought back the corruption..

one person can make the whole place unpleasant..
one rotten pig can pollute the whole river
one bad man can make Malaysia lost two tourists forever..
good bye malaysia..
and good luck to all people who are going there..

Believe it or not I am sympathetic to this woman. She’s a victim of some people’s stupidty and negligence.

And to that some people, you have just made up the summary of Malaysians. Or at least this is what foreigners think of us now.

To the buggers stated in her blog above…

Thank You you stupid MFs . Your thirst of money is something to be proud of. I hope you realize on what kind of money you are feeding yourself, your family, your children. Those children of yours will be born with food from hell embedded in their flesh. And I pity them. As for you (the one stated in her blog), may you burn in hell!!


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  1. say anak malaysia Avatar
    say anak malaysia

    oo yer ker???iskkk tak baik nye org tuh..kan da malu dah..isk isk isk..tak sukenye mende2 tak bes camneh…

  2. hmm… ur rie.. the MF deserve to burn in hell.. although if it was me, i burn him on earth first then send him to hell, but that will get me the first class ticket to hell myself…

    But still that women post looks like she over reacted a bit much.. cancelling her other trip to Malaysia just becoz of that incident in JB?
    Come on… i got a ticket once for eating chewing gum in Singapore,,.. and i didnt even throw it out yet.. was gonna throw it inside the dustbin, not at the sidewalk honestly, but noooo… the damn cop must give me the ticket…. huh…. moral of the story….well i let u know when i got it…

  3. Hey all,, first and foremeost the sware tone by lizzam here is uncalled for. How sure are we that the incident happened and what is the possibility of this post by that thai is not a false incident with a view to discredit Malaysia. Even if it had happened as posted, i wont go to the extent of swearing the person(s) involved. Jangan amalkan menyumpah seranah ni. dont let me get into religion!

    Kaz tu pun sama, menyumpah that cop for doing his job. If i am not mistaken, chewing gum is ban la in singapore. you makan and if get caught, you kena. finito. jangan blame and swore at people pula kalau you kena. This ban ni as far as i am aware memang maseh kekal. kalau tidak masakan you kena saman!

    You want to know the moral? no i wont tell you what the moral here. but i just want to say to you that you suck!

  4. Kaz: Chewing gum IS banned (if i’m not mistaken) in S’pore, even if you keep it in your mouth. Am not sure about this. Any S’poreans to clarify?

    Guracus: Thanks for dropping by. No, swearing is not a religion, nor is it
    allowed in any religion. However, i am backing up those who does their job, be it customs, cops, ATMs, and everybody else. It’s just those taking the job into their own hands, making profits on their own and in the process making us Malaysian look bad that i sweared to.
    Yes, I know, berdosa. But i have to let out my pain when a foreigner said bad things about my country because of these greedy fellas.

    no,i’m not sure it happened. but the post was posted in her blog, backed up by other foreigners, and know what? IT DOES HAPPEN.if not to her, somebody else, me included (although my case was settled at the court).want proof? read the papers.

    if you went to thai’s blog,it is stated that she was mad at the officer and that particular experience made her scared to come back to M’sia. she did tried to defend malaysia, but hey, she has the right to be mad.she even defended us from the other commenters in her blog.

    yes, I suck. but “sucks” fall short to swear at those who we need to trust, but took advantage of it. no generalization here, but a straight arrow to those aforementioned.hope you know who i meant.

  5. correction:
    “if you went to thai’s blog” should be “if you went to the thai’s blog”

  6. Izzam, thank you for your input in response to my posting.
    First and foremeost, let me advice you to to read carefully any comments posted in your blog.
    The trust of my comment was not about whether the incident happened but all the swearing. Your article contained it and so was kaz`s comment.
    I would like you to understand that when i said “you suck”, it was directed to kaz and not you Izzam. Read carefully next time ok.

  7. guracus,

    I see. Yes, i had misunderstood what you wrote. when you wrote “you suck” in a different paragraph i assumed it was for both kaz and me.

    Please accept my apology for the misunderstanding and the swearing. I was just mad for the kind of insult we as Malaysians get for their irresponsibilities.

    i’ll put in mind about the swearing.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope that you enjoy your stay and come again!

  8. Izzam, no apology is necessary but since you tendered it, i accept.
    Your response shows accountability and willingness to accept advice.

    I like your attitude unlike one or two bloggers yang had this impression that I am adopting a “holy than thou, arrogant, always right” attitude sedangkan what i have always commented on are substances that were written, the fallacy, misrepresentation, inaccuracy of facts, being shallow etc etc. Maybe you have not noticed me in other bloggs but if you do, i think you know me by now.
    One blogger even went to the extent of introducing a moderation/censorship system for all comments posted by readers. I do believe that it was done as he was so angry with me.

  9. blurryreen Avatar

    this send shivers down my spine,thinking i have to come back to this place in 3 months time..sure there’s a lot of good in this world[like what sam gamghee said]but that events have such haunting familiarity..

  10. heh.. so i sucks huh? and this comes from someone preaching that he/she hates holier than thou attitude…. and just before that even said that swearing is uncalled for… well guess what… saying other people sucks is the same as swearing my friend…

    and about that cop.. well i dont really hate him or anything… just that at the incident.. i said that i am a Malaysian so i wasnt so suer about the law there… but he reiterated by saying ****** to us malaysian visitors doing anything we like in singapore.. so what i hate is his professionalism attitude at the time….

    Oh and did anyone clarify about the chewing gum thing? coz i thought it was only for littering chewing gum.. not eating it… for god’s sake iwas only at form 2 at the time… how on earth should i know…

  11. i hate to admit that they are still loads of corrupted govt servants out there. for me, that lady may overreact, not on what had happened to her but on cancelling those vacation thingy. although we do not know what really happened to her and her husband, that is still overreacted nonetheless. one person’s sin doesnt mean all malaysians are sinners, aite?

    anyway lizzam, may be you can write something on her blog. or you did that already? heehee..

  12. Hey all, was away for 5 days somewhere.

    Kaz, well, if you really understand the meaning of the word SUCK, you wouldnt have said it is as a swear word!