I was shocked!!

Or maybe it’s because I’m not a usual commuter using PUTRA that I’m shocked to see this. Either way, I’m still proud.

People were standing in a line to ride the LRT. I had to hold my jaw from dropping. No guards, no nothing, yet they manage to keep a single file at each side of the train’s door. It’s a pity my picture’s blurred, or I’d show this to all over the world that us Malaysians HAVE VERY GOOD MANNERS, thank you.

Hey I just did tell the world, through this blog.

But this only happens at KL Sentral PUTRA Station in the morning only. Any other places do this? Do let me know.


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  1. as a regular LRT commuter, u can only see this in KL sentral.. other stations? nothing to be proud of that much! in masjid jamek station,the commuters do queue mannersly, but when the train comes.. automatically they will walk off their queue and walk in the train unmannersly..

  2. i’ve also heard that Kelana Jaya station does this on peak hours. both at KJ and KL Sentral, they queued before and when the trains come. After being used to the cramming-thru-the-bottleneck incidents that happens at most stations, this is a breeze of fresh air for me.

    sorry ler…i’m not a KLian…no LRT in Klang…

  3. I take Putra everyday to work (and almost everywhere else in KL), and I must admit that we don’t see this at all stations.

    KL sentral, Kelana Jaya, Wangsa Maju, Hentian Putra, Asia Jaya. I guess that’s about it (but I’ll observe ’em later today to be sure).

    Stations yang paling menyampah sekali nak naik atau turun are Pasar Seni, Masjid Jamek dan KLCC. Mungkin sebab ramai sangat orang jadi semua berebut tahap dasyat untuk naik. And frankly speaking, orang2 kat stations ni la yang paling kurang sopan (atau ajar, pilih sendiri). Takde peduli orang nak turun ke, OKU ke, diorang pakai belasah masuk aje. Macam la train tu satu je dalam sejam.

    Sakit hati siot…
    Kadang-kadang rasa malu pulak kat foreigners yang naik LRT kita. Jauh panggang dari api dengan Tube.
    (tapi lrt kite takde orang nak bomb kot. takde space nak bawak bomb masuk, sempit sangat macam sadin).

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    wow…good progress…barulaa ader manner camneh..i’ve been living overseas sejak 3 years ago..saye dah nampak n mengamalkan mende neh sejak dr 1st day saye dtg sinih…dulu, selom saye tgk gambar neh..i thought malaysian are never going to change..tp..wow.. i’m so proud… tu la.. i wish kita tak hanye berubah dr segi bangunan2 aje..yg penting attitude..but still..there are lots more to do sebelum kite same dgn negare2 maju len..trust me…i love my country

  5. Hi anonymous,

    Where’re you staying now?how’s your LRT equivalent services and passanger manners as compared to ours? What do you think may help Malaysian public transport service go up a notch or two?

  6. in kl sentral, guards were involved during the first they sorta implemented it. i guess now they auto-disciplined, or civilized, you name it.

  7. ko x nampak ke ade guard pakai preman tgh pegang pistol belakang tiang tu? bulan lepas ade sorg mamat indon parah kene shot sbb potong Q. hehehe.