Qube Quiz

Q : Where can you bath, read and borrow books at the same time?

A : in KL Sentral (Can any ladies out there explain to me how does the ‘library’ looks like in there?)
Q: Kenapa kita harus melanggani TMNet XBlocker?

A: Kerana ia membazirkan wang dan merosakkan akhlak. (seen at Stesen Putra Masjid Jamek placed as commuters go down the escalator. It should make sense if you’re going up the escalator, I think)

Here’s the photos from Nong and Zul’s wedding on 8th January 2006. Omedetou!!!

3 responses to “Qube Quiz”

  1. I think the library is in the toilet la bro. The architecht for KL Sentral must be someone like me yang suka membaca while in the toilet doing “that” thing. Logik tak?

  2. as to not dissappoint you.. i’ll check for you how’s the library looks like today on my way back from work.. and I do feel funny about the TMnet XBlocker advertisement. there was supposedly another sign written like this “Jangan layari laman lucah.. bla.. bla..” This one goes in between “Langganilah TMnet XBlocker” & “Ia membazirkan wang dan merosakkan akhlak.” Hahahahahah ! I guess they take it out for some reasons. Maybe the kids start to ask their parent.. “Mama, laman lucah tu ape?” well, you know how ‘open-minded’ most of Malaysian’s parents are RIGHT?? and regarding those piccies, why yours so little meh?

  3. pyerudz: yeah, you’re right. i think it should say toilet and library, in that case. even toilet and cyber cafe, or cyber toilet. better yet, cinema + toilet, so people don’t need to go to the toilet and miss a part of the movie. would make a nice poster for the “Bulan Membaca” with Siti as the model…(:p)

    Nina:If you want to see my pics you should turn the pics 180 degrees, since i’m the cameraman. and don’t take too long while checking the library, other ppeople need to do their business too (:P)