Dude, Where's My Fashion Sense?

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I wonder if I could use this part of the KTM’s Client Charter to ask for discounts when the Komuter‘s late and causing me to be late to go to work.

I was wearing this to work today. Bright Orange t-shirt (which incidentally matched with my boss’ saree), blue jeans, and bright red cap. I wonder if I had lost my fashion sense, or was I too mamai (drowsy) to have a fashion sense this morning.

Just came back from treating the family (Mak, Bapak, Kak Wati) dinner for Mak’s birthday. She turns 62 this year. Cayalah Mak! I’m sure all the 62 years spent were not wasted, as did you during the 23 years being MY mom. You taught us so much, nothing in this world I could do to repay you (yes, I know, cliché). But that doesn’t mean that I would just let it be unpaid. I’ll do whatever I can to make you smile always, and the tears you shed, is just happy ones (cliché again).

Happy Birthday Mak!

On another note, while browsing thru Friday’s Berita Harian, something caught my eye. In Terengganu, they’re going to use multimedia elements during Khutbah Jumaat. I wonder if that’s going to make the Jemaah awake during the Khutbah. And how it would seem, when the Khatib will then say “Sidang Jumaat yang dihormati sekalian, merujuk kepada Rajah A1 di paparan…


4 responses to “Dude, Where's My Fashion Sense?”

  1. awwww… what a good boy!
    boleh buat menantu.. :-p

    p/s : i dont wanna say it but i cant help it.. orange shirt, blue jeans & red cap? dude! that’s a violation of fashion.. bwahahahahah..

  2. check your eyes bro… seriously. regards to your mum.

  3. Nina: well, anybody interested? (:p)

    Pyerudz: will do…

  4. hey, u could be summoned by fashion police there man! please.. wear all black je lah 😛