Redundant Repetition

Aznil Hj Nawawi won Anugerah Pengacara Popular, Again.

Saiful Apek won Anugerah Pelakon Komedi Popular, Again.

Mawi won another award chosen by the fans, Again.

Gossipping on Siti Nurhaliza’s future husband, Again.

Fuel Price goes up, Again.

Rakyat throws a tantrum, Again.

Kerajaan consoles Rakyat with explanations, Again.

NEAC, writes the same stuff, changing the numbers only, Again.

Rakyat spreads emails, SMSs, saying Kerajaan is lying and covering something, Again.

Kerajaan says don’t spread false informations, Again.

Pro Kerajaan Politicians taking advantage to show concerns to Rakyat, Again.

Anti Kerajaan Politicians criticising Kerajaan, Again.

Later, everybody will go on as usual, Again.


11 responses to “Redundant Repetition”

  1. betullah lizzam, macam dvd player yang rosak tatkala melihatkan repetition yang berlaku kepada realiti yang fana ini.

  2. Cendol pun dah naik. Again. I complaint. Again. After a while i stop. Again. But i keep buying. Again.

    Hey, Siti really gonna kawen this year u know. Well, atleast thats what i heard from reliable source. 😛

  3. adat la tu.. rakyat mmg suka buat sure kecoh.. nt agak² dh penat membebel..
    senyap la kot…

    masa hari first lepas minyak naik.. byk keta parking kt lrt, semua pakat naik lrt… aku yg takde keta nih gak jd mangsa keadaan, bersempit2 ngan org..

    dh masuk hari ke-3, takde byk pun keta.. semua dh naik keta balik.. ek leh.. kecoh jek lebih…

  4. Pyerudz:Jadi apakah realiti? adakah hidup kita ini didalam dvd player?adakah kita ini dvd ori atau cetak rompak?adakah hidup kita ini cerita Memento, Good Will Hunting, The Mummy, atau Anak Mami Kembali?

    orked: yeah, I’m sure by now everybody had heard or read about that, Again. She mentioned about it about 10 hrs before I wrote this, I read it in the paper 10 hrs later.

    Fauzie: abih tu, rezeki aku bila lak?huhuhu…ko kijam

    Wlady: I had imagined this being heard if an interview with those you said were done:
    “You expect me to flaunt my Tommy Hilfiger True Star perfume with Beyonce’s signature on the bottle in an LRT, and come out smelling of Minyak Angin Cap Kapak?”
    “I don’t trust riding anything without a driver”
    “abis tu kereta i tu nak biar berkarat?i baru je refinance balik you know…”
    “if i take the LRT, its means (typo intended) i am lowering my standards…uh pelliiss…”

  5. Hey-hey… nothing wrong with “naik” lrt you know…. well…. actually there is.. the only thing i hate about it is the fact that klsentral komuter TnG alwez “makan” rm20 out of my credit… i smell someone is actually hacking it to steal money.. either that my card is spoiled…..(probably the latter becoz i already got my TnG card since before the SmartTag is introduced) you think it can be considered antique huh?

  6. kaz:you could say antique, and you ought to register yours and ask for a new one, for free i think.and DO NOT touch your card more than once, unless there’s no beep. if it happens, quickly go to the nearest KTM personel.but even they had advised me to NOT use T&G at KTM because they are NOT trained to troubleshoot.

    ontahsapo:as you said in your blog, naik…naik…naik…

  7. “Minyak naik? That’s mean (grammar mistake intended) I have to spend less on things to enjoy enjoy laaa like that. Less eating out, less movie outings, less shopping”


    BTW, ANYTHING to do with KTM sucks. Komuter’s always late, they slow down for no reason, they are already damn slow, the ticket counter is always closed and yet their stupid ticket-dispensing machine never accepts anything but coins.

    And now it’s the TnG thingy.

    Which is why, immediately after I got my car, that i VOWED to myself to NEVER EVER take the Komuter again. Even if the nearest train station to my house is a Komuter station. I rather drive further and take the LRT.

    Eh sorry, meluahkan perasaan pulak kat sini, hehehe…

  8. lynn:you’re lucky to have LRT as an option. my option was drive, bus or Komuter. but given the fact that i need to take 2 or 3 bus to work, drive and pay rm60 per week of 6 days’ drive, Komuter was the best choice i have. i don;t use TnG anymore, but i opted for the weekly pass.

    lokpi:saya tak kisah, again