Weekly Top 40, Bluqube style

We Be Burning40 so you’d better Shake It Off39. Seriously, between You and Me38, If It’s Love That You Want37, we got to maintain the Temperature36. Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been35, especially My Humps34. I live a Luxurious33 life, despite the Rush32 and the fuel price hike. So i’ll just lay low Right Here31, and Wake Me Up When September Ends30.

But the Girl Next Door29 will never shut up. because of those Stupid Girls28 , I’m Sprung27 and alert, awoken from my dream, which is about my One Wish26, to have a Feel Good Inc.25, where inc. stands for ‘income’.

Baby, Everytime We Touch24, my ‘Beep23‘ will go up high, as high as the Beverly Hills22, so Don’t Forget About Us21. It’s Because of You20, you know. Ah.. There It Go19, I said it. I know you’re a Gold Digger18, but you shouldn’t go around and dig your ‘gold’ (read:bijih) everywhere, sometimes even using your thumb.

SOS17 really meant Save Our Souls, not Same Old Sh*t or Special Offer Sales. But no, you won’t let it Be Without You16 dragging me all 8 (operational) floors of Berjaya Times Square. Since it’s a session of window-shop-till-you-drop, I could just mutter ‘Sugar, We’re Going Down15‘ just before I Crash14 half concious on the bench.

I still have the Photograph13 you gave me while you Pump It12 before you Run It11,whatever that means. I didn’t ask, because I won’t understand, but You’re Beautiful10 in it. I can’t forget the way you Shake That9 Liquid Paper when you tattooed ‘Stickwitu8‘ on my arm with it. It’s cute when my skin got rashes and you said “How would I know Liquid Paper was not meant for doing tatto..”

But that’s before you Walk Away7, with our Dirty Little Secret6.Unwritten5,maybe, but not unknown. It’s just unwritten because you don’t know how to write, you even spell ‘girl’ as Grillz4. If you think you can use your Dance Dance3 Revolution techniques to find someone better than me, make sure that he can see your brain, so he can Check On It2.

I’m So Sick1 of writing this sh*t.

(those in bold are songs from the Rick Dee’s Weekly Top 40 countdown on 13th March 2006. Order of appearance follow the ranking on the list, from #40 to #1.)


6 responses to “Weekly Top 40, Bluqube style”

  1. cik PMS: yeah…congrats, tahniah, omedetou…gong xi..

    Kakicucuklangit:rajin and boring-tak-tau-nak-buat-apa threads a fiiiinneee line..


    wlady:all the time saved NOT driving in jams, or calculating how much money i have after paying for petrol..