Leonewshoes Da Vinci

Guess what? In view of the current event such as fuel price hike, and flash floods, Vinci have taken steps in introducing a footwear that’s not only low in price, have longer wear and tear period and made from materials than can dry quickly, won’t expand when wet, and can float too.

As mentioned earlier, the material can dry off quickly, eliminating the feeling of wearing a heavy, damp towel on your feet on rainy and floody days. It is also lightweight, and comes in a variety of colours and designs. The only one I found in Vinci KLCC last week was peach in colour, and given that it’s the only one left, the demand was overwhelming!

So here it is, the latest footwear by Vinci.


7 responses to “Leonewshoes Da Vinci”

  1. i want it!

    i want it!!

  2. size gua takde la bro… kalau tak dah sambar 5 dah. kehkehkeh

  3. ini dah sah² org tu tinggalkan kasut situ…

    1. either dia terus pakai lepas byr..
    2. tuka selipar dia ngan kasut kt situ.. eii.. keji !

  4. Pinky angel: interested? call the hotline 03-354869971 ext 12A… (:p)

    pyerudz: apsal saiz lu takde? lu sama saiz dgn bigfoot ka?(:p)

    wlady: i did no.1 before, but that’s because i rembat selipar putus sebelah yg I jumpa kat surau where some mat pit stole my shoes. but i suppose that only happen to us males only, right?

  5. aku rasa tuan kasut tu terlalu teruja nak pakai kasut baru sampai tertinggal kasut lama.

  6. nett.nadia: tak paham la org pompuan nih, dgn kasut pun leh teruja sampai camtu skali. kalau jumpa pakwe hensem macho lemak berkrim, mau dia tinggalkan pakwe dia kat sebelah tu…(:p)

  7. I just cant wear any of Vincci shoes anymore. Anyway it’d hurt and make me cursing for days. Just happy with my chowkit rm3 selipar jepun. Like THE vincci, mine too dry easily, comfy and come hujan banjir ribut taufan monsoon pun ditanggung beres. Juga economical.