10 Movies in Under 2 Hours!

Yeah, you read it right! I have just watched 10 movies in under 2 hours. I watched all of them simultaneously. Talk about multi-tasking. I didn’t skim through. I watched it in full, and even had time to do a screen capture. Here’s the list of the movies:

  • Ju On (The Grudge)
  • Ringu (The Ring)
  • War of the Worlds
  • Saw
  • Million Dollar Baby
  • A parody on Bush during the 9/11 ( Farenheit 9/11)
  • The Village
  • What MJ would do in War of the Worlds
  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Tom Cruise in Oprah
  • Dr. Phil

What, you still don’t believe me? Okay, I’ll share with you the secret. Around next month, do this:

  1. Go to KL Sentral. Walk to the Monorail Station. If you don’t know where it is, ask around. Don’t be tempted to buy anything. You’ll need the dough.
  2. Take the Monorail, and buy a ticket for Imbi. Board the monorail and go down at Imbi station. Exit the platform, go down the stair in front of you, not the one on your right.
  3. make a left turn down the stairs, and walk calmly through the ‘tunnel’. Bury any desire to buy anything as yet.
  4. Enter the building, and go to the 3rd floor. Find a counter with the word ‘Golden‘, ‘Cinemas‘ and ‘Screen‘ above it.
  5. Buy a ticket for Scary Movie 4. Wait for the show time and Enjoy.

Well, truth be told I was watching the originally recorded in a cinema version, to see if it’s still as good as the rest of the gang. After all, it bears the tagline “The Fourth and Final Chapter of the Trilogy“. What sane movie would have such a tagline? Scary Movies are not sane, at all. And I will be in the cinema watching this masterpiece. I’ll find some good laugher (does that term exist?) and we’ll laugh our Ss together!

I won’t go further into details of Scary Movie 4. You have to watch it to get it. even better if you watch it and enjoy along with other audience. If only all cinema audiences were as civilized…

And by the way, just to inform you all, that the subtitle writer for the pirates have now been using the dictionary for translation. The thing is, the words are verbatim (read: word for word). Try to guess what this fella is saying judging by the subtitle.


6 responses to “10 Movies in Under 2 Hours!”

  1. ‘yes, thats it. i gave up’.

    saya betul tak cikgu??
    saya betul takk??

    *sambil angkat tangan lompat2*

    no 1 to comment!! woot woot!!

  2. whoa….. they really translate like that ker?

  3. Cik PMS: Yaaa…betul….
    tepuk tepuk tepuk…

    kaz: what do you expect from the pirates when our original subtitle writers even wrote these translations

  4. “I give up?” Hahahahaahahahaha!

    Dude, I am actually compiling the stupid translations. I should publish a book someday.

    BTW, seen during an episode of “ALL of Us” on TV3 last Saturday.

    The guy picks up the phone and says, “holla at me” – as in, ‘talk to me, what’s up?’

    Translation: “Menjeritlah kepada aku!”

  5. ada 1 part dlm scary movie..

    “Ohh.. well..”

    Translation : “Ohh.. telaga!”

    muahahahahahahah… that very sentence cracked me up.. let alone for the rest of the movie.. (which i didnt watch btw)… heehee!

  6. ..funny stuff, this.