S.O.S (Save Our Screens)

Sepet and Gubra was discussed negatively on national TV. Scene’s in Gubra was criticized as being insensitive to the multi-racial audience. Scenes in Gubra have been written in a prominent writer’s blog as not potraying Islam in its true colors, not to mention misleading. Articles in the papers condemns Yasmin for making such controversial movie, and LPF was slammed for not cutting a single scene in Gubra.

With all these negative publicity, what did Yasmin Ahmad wrote in her blog in her defence?

About Brand.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. She wrote a post on something that do not relate almost at all with Sepet, or Gubra. She went on a lecture about brand.

It is in my opinion, that she had taken the route any wise (wo)man would take: just lay low, and let the flame dies. We are like that, again and again, to arouse something, until we’re out of new fact. Then it’ll die like fire out of fuel.

I believe, all that Raja Azmi, Faizal Tehrani and those who think alike, could only stir up dust in this matter. Yasmin Ahmad is too opinionated to budge an inch. She would just sit silently, in her comfy corner, and let all the babbles die out.

No publicity is bad publicity. That sentence have two meanings to me:

  1. the worst publicity is when you have no publicity at all, and/or;
  2. there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

Just take the case of Adlin Aman Ramli. If not because of the LRT advertisement (which was coincidentally directed by Yasmin), he wouldn’t be as popular as today. Now he’s hosting Wakenabeb, being invited as guests on shows and I’m seeing more of him on TV and the silver screen than his entire profession prior to the controversy.

The same goes to the RM45 Gulai Kepala Ikan Tongkol (RM45 Tuna Head Curry) controversy. Yes, the makcik (which was coincidentally not Yasmin) was summoned for not placing proper price tags, but her business have never been better. She had come to a point where her restaurant only open for several hours before everything runs out and they call it a day.

I can only hope the same will be for Yasmin. I’d hate to lose her in this silly battle, as then we will have to endure silly movies like those from PMRM and YH, or silly advertisement like those Breeze (“kawe doh sedia”) ads and such.

Yasmin, S.O.S (Save Our Screens)


4 responses to “S.O.S (Save Our Screens)”

  1. Salam,
    Saya ingin mengajak sdr merenung ayat 30 Surah ar-Rum: Maka hadapkanlah wajahmu ke arah cara hidup suci, iaitu cara hidup yang difitrahkan manusia ke atas; tidaklah patut ada sebarang perubahan pada ciptaan Allah itu, itulah cara hidup yang betul lurus, tetapi kebanyakan manusia tidak mengetahui.
    Hidayah umpama cahaya takkan mengetuk kamar gelap yang tak dibuka jendelanya.
    Terima kasih!

  2. Faisal: Waalaikumsalam (maaf, saya tak biasa menjawab ucapan Salam sahaja, maka saya mengandaikan ia adalah sebutan Assalamualaikum yang sempurna, bukan singkatan seperti akum dsb).

    Terima kasih kerana sudi mengingatkan saya. Ingatan itu ada di sini, saya andaikan kerana sokongan saya terhadap Yasmin.

    Saya tak kata dia betul, saya tak kata saudara salah. Salah dan betul secara duniawinya relatif. Namun kita perlukan orang seperti dia. Namakan seorang lagi pengarah yang boleh membuat ramai tertampar diri sendiri, ramai tiba2 mencari tafsir Al-Quran, dan ramai tiba2 tahu wujudnya Maulana Rumi (saya berkata sambil menuding diri sendiri).

    Malang sungguh bagi saya, kerana saya hanya nampak mesej duniawi Yasmin. Mungkin sekadar itu sajalah yang ingin disampaikannya, atau mungkin saya yang rabun. Dan atas sebab mesej duniawi itulah saya ingin Yasmin terus berada di lapangan ini. Gubra dan Sepet bagi saya adalah filem ‘perli’, yang berlandaskan kisah cinta. bagi saya ia bukan mahu mengajar, namun menyuruh kita pergi belajar. Itu yang saya dapat dari karya Yasmin.

    Atau saudara hanya ingin mengingatkan, tidak ada kaitan langsung dengan Yasmin, maka saya ulangi ucapan terima kasih saya.

  3. gubra for me is about people.. love and acceptance.. nothing more that! excuse my ignorant from seeing gubra from another different perspective (read : religion).. but i am in the line with the “matlamat tidak semestinya menghalalkan cara” ..

    from what i read/watched/heard, loads of people think that Y.A should not only make a right film (which include moral & pengajaran behind the scenes) but also must make the film right (which doesn’t poke or provoke any unneccesary controversial, which GUBRA did actually). in the real life, both aspects should walk in parallel, at least that’s what i believe.

    for those yg ‘bijak pandai’, of course they will ‘talk’ if they feel the thing is not right, but for an ordinary person or normal movie goer(like me), i want to watch something that can entertain me and something we can make my brain works.. well it’s an entertainment industry after all…

    as i said.. excuse my ignorant for narrowing down my opinion.. and again… it’s an entertainment industry after all…


  4. Post script: just have to mention to anybody reading this that Akum is not a very good way to make a short form for Assalamualaikum, for literal meaning in another language.

    Salam is the way to go for a short form.

    Now I know…