I am Mean

Herewith I would like to announce that I am a mean, inconsiderate morally corrupt, materialistic Malaysian.

I was out the whole day yesterday, to a friend’s wedding cum gathering. On my way back, at about 10 minutes to 10pm, I was stuck in a traffic jam. As a typical Malaysian I craned my neck to see what’s causing such jam at such hour. And there I saw it.

An accident.

At first I couldn’t see it clearly, but I saw cars changing from the right lane (on which I was), to the left lane. It was at a overpass, so I could see it clearly, but not clear enough to see what exactly happening. All I could see was, there’s a group of motorist on motocycles on my side of the road.

Then, about 5 cars away, I saw some sort of liquid flowing down the road. I gather it’s blood, but in the dark I couldn’t be so sure. Seeing the frantic reactions of the motorist I guess the victim was still lying there, and since some of them were still on the phone, I think it had just happened, and they’re trying to call an ambulance.

At that time, I thought of something that I’m not proud of thinking. Should I stop and give the man a lift to the hospital? You see, a good Malaysian would not even stop to think, but instead stop to help. I was contemplating of either helping him, or saving my cushion from being ruined by the blood.

Come to think of it, my line of thought that night was ridiculous, but that’s what I thought. The argument of a man’s life against a car cushion was not a logical thinking, but that was what on my mind at that time, and that’s what matters most, rather than what I’m thinking now. In fact, I even added a side order of a “should I take out my camera and take a picture” line of thought. So that settles it…

I am MEAN.

Then the victim’s friend started to get a lift from the passerbys, I got more confused. I can’t get the thought of ruining the cushion and got scolded by my dad from my mind (he won’t, as I later found out, when I asked him what would he had done in my place). The first car refused to help and drove off. So does the second car. The victims friend already getting hysterical and cursing the drivers who refused to help.

Luckily for both me and the victim, the third car stops and gave him a lift. I’m uncertain of who stopped, the race, gender and all. My mind is already occupied with the dilemma, and it’s dark. I passed the crowd with a relief, but my head is still spinning. I passed the accident scene, and saw the victim lay unconscious on the curb, with a bleeding head.

Had no other car in front of me stopped, would I have stopped? Would I live in guilt had I not stoped and read in the papers the next day about the victim’s death caused by nobody helping him, or would I just wave it off? Can I live as a murderer?

I don’t know if the man made it or not, but I pray that he does.

What would you do in my situation?


8 responses to “I am Mean”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    just imagine if it was you that was lying on the road and slowly bleeding away.

    and every car passing by had the exact same thought as you have.

  2. i was about to say the same thg but come to think of it again, i might do the same as u did there.. so kinda unfair to give such remarks la kan.

    if the accident doesnt look anythg like a scam or stuffs, i’d prolly stop and offer help. provided, i’m strong enuff (fyi, i cannot see blood, i’ll definitely faint to death one)and typical, i have somethg to cover the cushion from stained.

    Other than that, like u, i’d just pray someone will stop to the rescue.

  3. anonymous : I think I said the same thing to others, but when it happened to me, I hesitated.

    orked : I do hope if this happens to me again, I’d be helping. I also hoped people won’t take advantage of the helping hands. don’t be the boy who cried wolf!!

  4. MEAN boy.. MEAN boy… you are a MEAN boy !

  5. wlady : jgn la marah i… 🙁

  6. i dunno, man.. im a gal.. wut a gal gotta do? u dun want a damsel in disress, out alone at 10 pm, to stop offering help blindly, though out of kindness and thoughtfulness, do u? u dun wanna be responsible if anything happens to me instead, do u? besides, as long as nobody on the road knows im a meddie, im not legally responsible in the emergency.

    ahaha.. i can b a b**ch! thats meaner, u reckon?

    hmm, honestly.. if i am with someone else.. which is usually the case if i were to be out till late, i’d stop and call the ambulance. wont take them to hospital myself. yeah, mayb they’ll b dead b4 the ambulance arrives.. i seriyesly dunno, just wanna be careful, i guess.

  7. blurryreen Avatar

    i already spend 4 years of my life so that i know exactly what im gonna do when that situation happen rigth infront of my very own eye..i’d do what i need to do..apa sgt la cost cushion kereta berbanding dgn someone’s life?and if im not there at the scene,id most probably be in the A&E[like the past few weeks} waiting for that patient to be brought to the hosp,as soon as possible,with whatever means,so tht we can get down to the business-making sure that person-someone’s father/son/husband/brother/friend makes it..i totally understand what happen and why ur reaction is like tht..but i guess u’d see things in a different light if it directly give an impact on u eh?

  8. sinaps : well, hopefully nothing nearly as bad happens near you. hate to see you being House.

    reen : i’ve also spent numerous years imagining what I would do when things like that happens to me. yet i’m thinking what i wrote. wonder if it’s my turn at that time, would I really stopped to help?