Marketing Strategy

If somehow Mawi and Ina were re-united on air tonight, then Astro/Maestro is a heck of a marketer. Their marketing strategy is a brainchild of a genius.

This is what I think the Mawi-Ina debuckle is. My thoughts, only, ladies and gentlemen, not starting anything. But if I’m right…can I say I said it first? (:p)


4 responses to “Marketing Strategy”

  1. I woke up with blasted headache and i blame it on my hommies’ indecisiveness- they’re switching channels every 5 minutes!!! (Thank God we dont have ASTRO)

    Honestly i feel sorry for Ina coz i really felt that the whole show is just, sorry to say, humiliating her. She’s showing her affection for all the wrong cause. Pls move on la.

    As for the media, hey.. it’s how the business works rite.