4th November 2006 – Enal's Open House

Enal had an open house last saturday, and thanks to Shana‘s idea, we went there in full Baju Melayu. Although only 2 of us dressed up, nevertheless it was a rare sight, being on a Saturday and all.

And to add to the excitement, after the visit, we went to Galaxy Ampang, still wearing the Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung (the girls said they’re going to wear selendang and all, but they didn’t), to watch Flushed Away.

p/s: Nana, it was impromptu so we didn’t contact you earlier. Anyway, send my regards to the one not wearing tudung that night…cute la


4 responses to “4th November 2006 – Enal's Open House”

  1. Giler la lu Bro..
    Makan sepanjang minggu.
    No wonder la masa kat Seoul BBQ itu hari, lu ngan Topek selamberrr jer belasah…
    Bila rumah terbuka Kodok ni?
    Rumah gua tertutup la..hehe.