The Mother, The Son, and The Adopteds

Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy Mother and her only Son. They had lived happily for quite some time, providing her Son everything he needed and more. But with all her wealth, she cannot rely on her Son alone, especially when many parties tried to steal her wealth from her.

And so, she adopted several other sons. 2 of the oldest, together with Mother‘s Son, become the leaders of the woman’s wealth. One of the adopted son, the Business Minded one, starts building his own business empire and riches. The younger of the two, however, is rather Choosy in his endeavour, but masters it. He prefers not to be a jack of all trade.

The Son, however, demands some sort of security, that no matter what, he would still be getting a portion of the wealth. Being her only son the mother agrees. And for a while, this was good. Her Son, albeit younger than the business minded one, starts to grow wiser and being able to stand higher than before.

Time passed, and they lived in a not-so-perfect harmony. The Business Minded Son was the envy of all, while the Choosy son, feels intimidated by the others. The Mother’s Son, never fails to remind them, that they are in fact adopted, and it’s his right to receive more. There was a big quarrel between the Son and The Business Minded, but after that settled, the Mother managed to alleviate the problem, by giving certain rights to all of her sons.

Most of the times, all of her sons would work together, laugh at each other’s joke, and slap each other’s back at his achievements, with utter respect. It’s only at certain times, that certain matter would be raised and challenged, that they could not see eye to eye with each other.

One day, the Adopteds felt that the Mother’s Son is ready to walk on his own feet. This has caused the Son to be furious, and again reminds them of his position in the family. The others argued that it’s not that they want to take away his priviledge and all, but instead wants him to ready to face the world beyond his mother’s realm.

At one point, the Adopteds were at fault, for there’s no way would the Mother favour them more than her son, and as always she would give him more than them. They felt, that since they had lived with their stepmother for so long, that they have been assimilated into the family. For this, the Mother said, “I love you all, with all my heart. But no love can contest the love from a mother to her own flesh and blood.

On the other side of the fence, the Son had become relaxed and comfortable with all the priviledge he have. He’s like a kid on a bicycle, refusing to take off the training wheels. It’s not that all of the wheels to be taken out, just the unnecessary ones. He even took steps to add more security so nobody could easily take him out of his comfort zone. He refused to let go of his comfort zone, and refused to boldly venture into the uncertainity.

So dear readers, what should the Mother do, as to make her sons work together as a family, in the most efficient and harmonic ways?


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  1. My two cents :- Mother should stop reminding the adopted kids they are adopted coz in reality they were all adopted. They have all contributed to their Mom’s well being, her health, her economic state etc.And the ‘adopteds’ should just accept that in life there are always gonna be favourites (in Tolkien’s universe, the Elves were after all the Firstborn of Arda, in Lucas’ world Jedis were eloquent and chosen while Sith were powerful, but ugly outcasts, and in Bill Gate’s world whoever uses Amiga are just not in the club)

    I think the situation whether people play the race card or the religion card- its really just one simple rule, as clearly stated in DIsney’s High School musical number – “Don’t mess with the status quo, stick to the stuff you know”

    There- a cent for each paragraph [grins]

  2. erk.. i just watched that musical few minutes ago.

    the Mother’s so lucky to have adopted sons yang mengenang jasa. klau yang tak mengenang jasa tu, kita patut watpe ek?

    nway, the Mother kena beransur2 berenti manjakan the real Son la. mcm mak bapa kita ajar kita berdikari dolu2.. manade mak bapak trus campak anak dia tepi jalan suruh pepandai cari makan sndri kan?

    yang the Son tu plak kena la sedar.. nak duk bawah ketiak his Mother tu.. kang satu ari ‘Mother’ dia mati, dia ingat the adopted Sons nak kesian ke kat dia.. kwang3…

  3. Emmanuel : hah, 2 cents indeed. but then again, the Mother did not remind anybody, it’s the Son. Did I write it wrong?

    Intan : Musical?

  4. high school musical yang emmanuel sebut tu. budak2 dlm cerite itu poyo blaka.. padan la yg aku gi tgk citer disney bebudak watpe.

  5. replied to your querry in my journal

  6. sinap : Ohhh….(garu kepala sambil pura2 tau…)

    quavadis : Thanks, but no thanks. I’m open for debate, not mockery.

  7. I am calling for a debate, I based the statements on the journal on your Quran and Hadith and therefore am not making a mockery of it for I am stating what it written in your Quran and Hadith, am now asking you to refute that what I have stated is not in your Quran and Hadith…. let it be an open debate and decide how can Islam be considered Peaceful and beautiful then…

  8. Sorry, Liz, spam your blog a bit-wanted to clarify some issues.

    Dear Quavadis,

    Thats’ where I saw your article initially.And FFI also carried a similar article.Brother, I take it you are Catholic seeing your support for the Tridentine Rite,Cardinal o Malley etc) as well as several Holy Orders’ links peppered on your interesting site.Might I recommend Fr Angelus Shaughnessy, OFM Conv. to your already good list of material.

    Like you too, I am Catholic.Call me anathemic, but I do not believe in the notion that Islam is religion of hate/violence.To me thats just an extremist intepretation of a religion, whether the intepreter stands in the fold of Islam, effectively hiding his or her own motives behind the name of religion, and of God, or outside the fold, judging the religion by the actions of its adherents.

    There is a difference is a religion and its adherents.If our faith is to be judged by Papal Bulls and actions of Sean Finn alone,or the IRA we will go down in the annals of history as equally violent as some Muslims.

    That is the reason I am doubtful on the doctrine of papal infallability sometimes.In the same respect I feel it is unfair to equate Orthodox Islam (Al-Quran As-Sunnah) with the actions of some of its adherents.I believe that it is not the intention of the Holy See for us to argue and dwell on polemics but push forth with meaningful ecunimism and inter-religous dialogue.

    That being that, may I respectfully point you to the following teachings of the church –
    taken from the Lumen Gentium, CCC and Nostra Aetate (Liz, which would effectively be the equaivalent of a fatwa, or religious edict)

    Jews are The “first receivers of God’s covenant,” Muslims as “followers of Abraham,” Hindus and Buddhists as “advanced civilisations . . .with a deep religious sense” (LG, 16; NA 2)

    “the Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these religions.” Indeed, Christians should “acknowledge, preserve and encourage the spiritual and moral truths found among Non-Christians, as well as their social life and culture” (NA, 2)

    “Those who, through no fault of their own, do not know the Gospel of Christ or his Church, but who nevertheless seek God with a sincere heart, and, as they know it through the dictates of their conscience-those too may achieve eternal salvation.” (CCC #847)

    That, doubled with the strong theme of love throughout the Bible, makes me believe that being spiteful against the Muslims or any religion for that matter is wrong and against the teachings of Jesus or the Church.Sure I write sarcastic pieces targeted at some Muslims but NOT at the religion.It is the mindset of some that is unsettling, not the essence of the religion itself.

    For instance, Hitler was a closet Catholic on one hand, and on the other you have Mother Teresa or Thomas More. LIkewise in Islam, on one hand you have Osama Bin Laden, and on another, Gulab Rasul Khan or Ibnu Khaldun.

    Would love to talk to you on this, brother.

    Lizzam, sorry for spamming your blog man.

  9. QuaVadis : a call for debate after mockery? that’s absurd. FYI, I even disagree with Ulamas mocking other religion in ceramahs held in mosques, moreover in a more open
    medium as a blog.a call to enlightenment should encompass beauty, harmony and peace,not the other way round.

    and a piece of advice for you before intepreting anything: do not have a hypothesis beforehand. It makes you bias, and distorts your intepretation, as what happened in one of your post. and knowing how to drive a car, does not qualify you to be a BMW engineer.

    I do not wish to further this matter. I’ve said what I should and more, so please, be wise in your future undertakings.

    May He shed light onto you.

    Emmanuel : No prob. It’s just that I think you know how I’m into harmony, and respect. But this “holier than thou” thing is pissing me off. it’s because of people like that that we’re in our current situation. It’s when people do what they think is right, and fail to think about others, that we degrade ourselves.