I Really Need a Hug Right Now

*saw this first from a link from Intan


5 responses to “I Really Need a Hug Right Now”

  1. nina : I doubt it so. we once tried on national TV, but many dispersed the idea of hugging a stranger. those whoa greed to hug and to be hugged was only a handful…

  2. *hugs* (virtual, mind you)

    ahaha.. im sorta miss u, dude! wish i could afford the time to see u but i am soooo bz!!!

  3. intan : care for a movie?If you’re in KL then we can go out sometime. if weekdays malam la. weekend masa cuti sekolah ni susah sket la. ko pun budak sekolah,kan?cuti time ni…hehe

  4. awww..

    its a good excuse though to be hugged..i’ll try it here in my college..wonder if it’ll get the kind of reaction we wanted..hehe