Microsoft Being Sarcastic

This article can also be read in IT-lah‘s blog.

It’s funny when I read this, Microsoft is actually launching it’s current flagship product, the Microsoft Vista and Office 2007 in the pirate’s den: Lowyat Plaza.

Everybody in our local IT scene knows that when you want pirated software, there’s always Lowyat. Yes, you can get it in your other areas, but nowhere else have everything IT, from software (pirated/original) to hardware (pirated/original) under the same roof. It’s basically the Tortuga of the our local IT world.

So when Microsoft is launching Vista and Office 2007 in 6 days and 3 hours (according to the site’s countdown), it sure feels that Microsoft being sarcastic to us. I’d wonder if the pirated software stalls would be open on that day? Maybe they already have a “Vista” DVD already sold (actually an XP with modified theme and sidebar) to be sold alongside the original Vista, at a fraction of the latter’s price?

At least, they know us Malaysians exists and knows how to use our computers, and we’re using RM 10,000.00 not R10.000,00 anymore…