You Don't Need To Trust The Government…

…but trust the country instead.

 – George W Bush, Harold And Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay

After reading this, this, and this, I am feeling lost in my own backyard. Why is someone else being punished by the stupidity of others? 
And quite incidentally, I came to watch Harold And Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay, when the character of President Bush said those words. And FYI, that movie is potraying exactly what this is all about.
In the light of things, I’m sure the Government are going to have a giant whoop-ass from all sides, politically from the Opposition, and from Malaysians altogether.
I was planning to write about the cat and mouse chase between the tripping BNBBC and the PKR 5s. And this came out my RSS radar. I do not see a big issue here, yet this is all i have been reading for weeks.
I’m sorry but I’m tired of seeing kindergarten kids running my country, from all sides of any political party or whatsoever.
Here’s my political stance if anybody is interested to know. I do not support BN per se, since it has grown too big, and nothing’s good when there’s too much of it. I don’t support PR wholly too, since they’re like newlyweds, in love with each other, but still there’s a few kinks to be ironed out. I do however, want a stong check-and-balance action between those two. Both actually completes each other.
I choose to support both as a Government. I do not support a Kerajaan BN or a Kerajaan PR, but I want a Kerajaan Malaysia. I await the day where all political differences are at least superficially taken out of the equation when it comes to governing the country.
Seats in the Parliament should not be parted to Government and Opposition, but fixed according to their constitution. Names should be addressed according to any honorary title and constitution, but without any mention of political party. It’s been almost a decade since I heard the phrase “we cannot agree to their notion because they’re of a different party”, and it is still going on and on until now. Nothing, in that sense, has changed.
There will be no democracy, not even our Constitutional Monarchy if every little thing the people needs, has to be labeled with the word Party X or Party Y.
I guess 51 human years is just juvenile in country years. Our country is in it’s self-finding stage, where hormones are raging and pimples are sprouting. And it will stay that way until our leaders can stop name calling, finger pointing, and playing hide-and-seek.
And to think that my children will be reading this in their history text, I sure hope they omit the hide-and-seek part.