Cost and Effect

Before the 80sen petrol price hike, was the 30sen price hike, where the Government promised to use the 4 billion shaved off from subsidy to improve public transports.

Now we have busses with faux leather seats, TV, and less seats and more place to stand. The same goes to the Komuter, which have several new or refurbished coaches with more standing space, and cheaper less seats but in smaller amount. I know, I counted.
Come June this year, there was a 78sen hike, and this gave the Government RM 13.7 billion savings shaved off from the subsidy. However, in the subsequent months, global petrol prices plummeted to almost half from it’s highest point. Locally, there have been 3 price cuts and a fourth one in the pipeline.
So with the 13.7 billion savings reducing and being at the dawn of an economic recession, what can the Authority do to fulfil their promise?
They painted the line and call it some weird name. The people who gave the idea should get a Datukship. Hey, a gardener was knighted in England before, for suggesting the Crystal Palace to be made as a greenhouse, so why not pop stars and the fella behind this Q-line?
p/s: I however want to thank the Selangor Govt for discounting our water bill, whereas some would even be ‘paid’ to use water.