My 2009 Movie List

List of Movies I aim for in 2009

  • 9(Trailer)

    Directed by Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov. Need I say more?

  • The Curios Case of Benjamin Button (Trailer)

    The premise is interesting enough to make me curious. Luckily I’m not a cat. This movie is already out in the States, but then I may have to wait untill next year before getting my hands on it.

  • Astroboy (Trailer)

    I’m not really aiming for this movie as much, just want to see how does the fans react to the HOllywood version of the classic cartoon icon. Furthermore, it’s in 3D.

  • Terminator Salvation (Trailer)

    The sight of the gigantic robot in the end of the trailer is enough to make me want to see it now. Nevermind that the director is McG of the Charlie’s Angel fame, the look and feel is dark enough, although I just hope they don’t follow Resident Evil Trilogy style

  • Watchmen (Trailer)

    Okay, reading the graphic novel has brought me to appreciate them, but being the visual me, I can’t wait to see if the movie will do justice to my adoration to the Watchmen

  • Ice Age 3 (Trailer)

    When the first one came out, I kind of not liking it. Mostly because of the moodiness of Manfred and the silly Scrat. But then, it had been consistent in the character building, their relationship, and of course,the storytelling.

  • Star Trek (Trailer)

    I have a mild case of Trekkiness in me, if you still need to ask. But then again seeing the mostly young cast and the fast pace of the movie shows signs that this will not be a typical Star Trek movie. For better or worst, we shall see.

  • 2012 (Trailer)

    Global catastrophe, what’s there not to look forward to?

  • Papa-Dom

    I’m Afdlin Shauki’s fan, and am hoping he continues his success (movie wise) with Los Dan Faun.

  • Up (Trailer)

    Disney Pizar collaboration has always grabbed my attention. Although this one is a little low on the radar, It’s still on my list.

  • Monsters vs Aliens (Trailer)

    The trailer have gotten me excited, for one thing.

  • X-Men: Origins (Trailer)

    Gambit versus Wolverine? Who wouldn’t want that. But if I’m not mistaken Gambit flirts with Rogue, no wonder they’re fighting.

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

    Although I disliked the shallow character building in the first movie, I’m still a TF fan, and with the promise of more metal clashing this time, this may be one of the most anticipated movie in 2009.

  • Fast and Furious 4 (Trailers)

    F&F2, was too flashy. F&F3, was a side story in the F&F universe. And now, we’re back to square one, with most of the original cast, original feel, and most importantly, the original excitement that accompanied the first.

  • G.I. Joe

    COOBRAAAA….SSSS… Actually I’m afraid this movie might be too hyped up. We’ll just have to see.

  • Muallaf

    I know this movie have a strong possibility of not seeing the light of day in Malaysia, but as they say, it’s a forbidden fruit. yummy.