Category: Funny Thoughts

  • Undo the Symbol

    Symbolism have been synonym with human civilization. We create everything around symbolism, or practicality. But symbols can be misread. What do you think when you see this symbol? I thought it meant “Kawasan membuang bayi” (“Baby Disposal Area”). I need new specs. Okay, I have a question. If you could run computer functions in real […]

  • Leonewshoes Da Vinci

    Guess what? In view of the current event such as fuel price hike, and flash floods, Vinci have taken steps in introducing a footwear that’s not only low in price, have longer wear and tear period and made from materials than can dry quickly, won’t expand when wet, and can float too. As mentioned earlier, […]

  • Useful Tips

    Maybe those staying in UK had been laughing over this aeons ago in a magazine called VIZ (is it published in Malaysia?). But here it is again, ladies and gentlemen, the top 20 useful tips you’d never get from your elders (except if they’re comedians). DON’T WASTE MONEY ON EXPENSIVE iPODS. Simply think of your […]

  • It's Going Down (Menurun)

    Menurun; 5. Kemasukan roh halus ke dalam tubuh (pawang, bomoh, dll), berada dalam keadaan tidak sedar dan seterusnya dapat menghubungi makhluk-makhluk halus (bkn bomoh, pawang, dll), bersiwai (rujuk rajah 1).(sumber: Kamus Dewan Edisi Ketiga) Rajah 1 (obtained from the book “How to be a dukun in 14 days”) So if that is “menurun“, then what […]

  • Funny Question that made my day

    I just published my post when a friend of mine asked me this funny question out of the blue. This is my conversation with S (not her real name): S: lizam lizammS: soklan soklannpizzarebus: hapeS: kingkong benerr bennner exist ker dl? S: penh wujud ke kingkong S: d dunia fana nipizzarebus: ada..dulu slalu kalah guli […]

  • A Song for Jam

    Jam, Jam, Go Away,Come Again Another Day;Jam, Jam, Go Away,Don’t Come Back Also Okay. Penyumbang Lagu: Pizzarebus*composed while going through a traffic jam. True story

  • Bekerja Hari Minggu

    note: This song was intended for Saturday, since I’m working today, but there’s more impact if I change the lyric to Sunday. note: For those living in places where Fridays and Saturdays are weekends, please feel free to change the word ‘Ahad’ and ‘Minggu’ to ‘Sabtu’. note: It’s okay to forward this to any of […]

  • Orgasm of Emilia Rosmah: Spoilers galore!!!

    “Are you the medical examiner?” [guy in front of camera blocks 2/3 of screen. sound of popcorn being heard] *screech* “I’m sorry, there’s nothing we can do about her” *screech* “Father Moore have been neglecting Emily’s welf…” [sounds of bag zipper] *screech* “Waaaaargghhhh!!!!!” *screech* “yeaaaarghhhh!!!!!I’m Lucifer….” *screech* end credit Damn you pirated VCD!!!!!!!