Category: Funny Thoughts

  • Mind Your Language

    She : BapakShe : Betul ke bapak dah berak?She : cian bapakMe : huh?She : eh silapShe : betul ke bapak dah break? Sometimes we press the Enter/Return Button too fast, eh? * a certain circle of friends, call me Bapak

  • Why I Don't Want to be a Celebrity

    AF season is back, and so does the American Idol. From the amount of applicants, it seems like there’s a lot of people out there who want to make it big as a celebrity. And with the Reality Show like these they’re coming out of no where, like mushrooms after the rain. From this lot, […]

  • Weirdest Dream Yet

    Last night, I dreamt of trying to take a picture of my friend’s monkey named Beckham (even though it’s a female) licking my armpit. Is it a sign of any kind? Actually, it was more like sniffing, but tickling nevertheless. Does a tickling in a dream actually tickles in the real world?

  • The Delicious Source of Haze

    This is a reproduction of a dialogue I had with a 5 year old kid named Syafiq, while en route to Pasar Ramadan Seksyen 17, Shah Alam. The dialogue will be written in Bahasa Melayu for the sake of the content. Me : Tak pegi main ke? Syafiq : Tak la… jebu (jerebu)… nanti batuk. […]

  • Hair Cut

    I’m thinking of having my hair cut. You see, I have this thick, wavy (almost being curly) hair. So when it thickens, the scalp receives less moisture, as they’re absorbed by the hairs, thus resulting in dandruffs and oily skin. I’ve tried to moisurize the scalp using baby oil, and even the famous Minyak Zam-Zam […]

  • Siti for Sale!

    If you listen closely to the sounds of traffic at Jalan Duta every morning you’d hear about the upcoming wedding of the year. Yes..what else than the long awaited unity of Siti Nurhaliza and her significant other (currently rumoured to be Datuk Khalid Jiwa, or Datuk K). Although this kind of news have been circulating […]

  • Public Service

    The school holidays are about to end. So does the University students’. And I believe there are a lot of procastinators who’s yet to finish their homework or assignments. Oh, it’s not their fault, really. It’s just surfing the net, chatting, blogging, watching movies, loitering, and other stuff are much more fun than spending a […]

  • The Da Windows' Code

    Having read and watched The Da Vinci’s Code (as in my case, I’ve only read the book), one would be more appreciative of the symbols around them. From the meanings, to the origin of the symbols. The same goes for icons. How they had successfully relay messages across demographic barriers. But then sometimes, the meaning […]

  • Riang Ria, Telur Hebat, Di McDonalds

    Henceforth this post will be fully in Bahasa Melayu for the sake of the context. Ini ada satu soalan: Telur siapakah yang paling hebat? nak tau? mestilah telur McDonald.Betul, dia sendiri yang cakap…

  • Pervert With A Straight Face and A Degree

    I had just endured 3 days of updating 1/3 of the inventory for my company. And I have to say, I’ve come to a conclusion: Engineers can be perverted and get away with it, easily. I’ve always thought only those profession closely linked by biology and health (e.g. Doctors, Practioners, National Geographic Journalist) can have […]