Category: Funny Thoughts

  • I'll be using these phrases in office…

    …but the ones I speak English to is my bosses. Nevertheless, I’ll keep it in mind to use them, any chance I’ll get! Not mine tho, got it off the net… 1. How about never? Is never good for you? 2. I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce. […]

  • [Photo] Nasi Lemak 38C!!!

    A photo I shot just a few hours ago in Shah Alam. No kidding! 38C! which “nasi lemak” were you thinking, eh?

  • So You Think You Can Dance?

    If the Swede couple chose to name their son Metallica, just because they’re themselves are hard rockers, then they’re a fool, at least that’s what I think. They should make their child a hard-rocker first, then name their child accordingly. You you can have Danzig for the eldest, Led Zeppelin for the 2nd, Disturbed for […]

  • Vote for Metallica!!!

    Have you heard of the news about the Swedish authority denying the application of a Swede couple to name their child Metallica? Now that couple sure are die hard Metallica fans. But I pity the kid if the authority did let them name the child Metallica. Imagine his first day in school. Teacher: Hi there, […]

  • Da Vinci's Code Mistake

    For those who had read the Da Vinci’s Code novel, it seems that some meticulous research have been done on art forms, as they are said to have captured the moment when it is made. Some others, have deeper meanings, more than meets the eye. For example, The Monalisa. Upon close scrutiny, it appears that […]

  • The Most Important Room in a Building

    Last year, I posted about this sign that I saw in KL Sentral. Maybe it is a place like what Scott Adams imagine below.

  • The Story of a Mat Rempit Whose Ride was Confiscated

    Once, there’s a mat rempit by the name of Mail. He leads a double life. During the day, he works as a brick layer in a construction site. But during the night, he’s the famous Mat Rempit Kalumpang Ago-go team leader. With his trusted Yamaha, he conquered the circuit along main roads in From KL […]

  • What's Your Evergreen Advert Song?

    You know those pesky little things, that disturbs our favorite programme on TV, takes up to half the airtime of the programme itself, and sometimes, causes us to miss the whole show because our child(ren) starts to wail wanting the thing they just saw. Yes, advertisements. However, I’m not going to rant about it, nor […]

  • Ever Wonder What BCC Means?

  • Papa-lia

    Me : aku mamalia, jadi badan aku panas la…Lot : ko mamalia ke?Me : Haah. Ko ape?Lot : Aku Papa-lia.. It’s hard to be serious when we never are serious.